Yellow (“BL”)

Please at least credit or link back if you use my teaser translations.


I’m a Fudanshi but It Seems I Came to a Game’s World by Eggnog
97 chapters, ongoing.
< R18, BL, cruel depiction, cruel depiction is just in case, R18 is also just in case, school life, fudanshi, protagonist total uke, different world(BL game, body swap) >

I, a fudanshi, works hard in the BL game today too.
After capturing the final hidden character, a strange choice appeared on the screen. I pressed【Yes】without thinking much, and lost consciousness before I knew it.
Then when I came to, in front of me was he, the capturable character Kaichou-sama!
It’s good to intake mainstream moe, but flags have to be broken!
Having become the student council aide, I, Aizome Yuki, secretly begins to mobilise.



Chapters of Tamaki
Memory Asleep in Amber by Bean Paste Ball
383 chapters, completed.
< R18, BL, cruel depiction, reincarnation, oni, kansai-ben, fight scenes >

Reserved and quiet high school boy Okino Tamaki begins a new life in Kyoto where his father lives. However, that school life was not at all peaceful. The approaching shady student council president who seems to recall memories of his past life, and the men from the Japanese government dressed in black suits. Also, the reunion with a certain man who stirs his heart… As mysterious individuals appear one after another, Tamaki finally begins to see dreams of his past life. Such a thing, it’s unbelievable. That I from the past life, wasn’t human but oni….

❀ Reposted. A story of characters from my humble work 『Strange Ballad of White Oni』(currently unpublished), reincarnated in modern times.



Since There’s No Prince, I Became the Prince by 由妃
126 chapters, ongoing.
< R18, BL NL, cruel depiction, gender bend(crossdress as male), boys’ school, reverse harem, dominant protagonist >

One of Japan’s 3 noble houses,『Harumiya Family』’s only daughter Harumiya Chisato. To succeed the family as a woman and to convince her father, she made a contract: “live as a male for 3 years without being found out”. Chisato who’s more manly and beautiful than men, will she be able to spend these 3 years safely…



I Realised I’m the Younger Brother of a BL Game Protagonist (series version) by Hanaka Yui
43 chapters, main story completed, other routes ongoing. Multiple endings.
< R15, BL, NL, comedy, fujoshi, romance, school life, different world(BL game, TS reincarnation) >

I remembered. That in my previous life, I was the existence called a fujoshi. And that the world I’m living in now is the world of a BL game I played in those days. Moreover… isn’t my older brother the protagonist!! It’s a life too good for me. It’s just that, the unfortunate thing is, my older brother had already secretly tied the knot with his childhood friend. In other words, it’s the situation of 『Post- End of Original Game Story』. An extremely cruel prank of God who didn’t look at real time!

But it’s fine. Even if it’s just the ‘Post’, I can also eat it up deliciously. I’ll search for a delicacy from the capturable characters who didn’t tie the knot with my older brother.

That was the beginning of my mistake.
I’ve forgotten. That I look like my older brother.

Okay, listen well. Homo isn’t something you become, it’s something to look at!
Even if it’s the world of a BL game, I won’t become homo okay!

((T/N: The drawing to the right is from the author’s twitter. To the left is official art.))
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10 thoughts on “Yellow (“BL”)

    1. No clue XD I haven’t read it. The tags for everything I haven’t read are from the series itself. aka, the author. From the synopsis, I’ve always assumed her husband’s lover is a guy (again, idk, I haven’t read it).


  1. I’m newb at this so I’m going to have to ask: are some of these novels going to translated by this group eventually? Or are you putting these teasers out there for other people to pick them up?

    Also, what do you mean by “wholesale?” You’re selling these teasers? O_O


    1. Nope, these are for other interested translators to pick up or readers who can read from the original languages, though I did end up picking some of my current projects from the list of synopses. I’m the only translator, editor, -inserts other roles- here, so I really can’t pick up so many ><!

      Ah, I’m using ‘wholesale’ to mean ‘entirely’… the dictionary meaning is “done on a large scale; extensive”. I’m not selling anything… I’ll change the wording since it’s confusing.


      1. Ohhh cool cool ^^

        The reason I asked is because I’m interested in picking up “I Am Going to Nurture Hero-sama Because I Do Not Want to Die” potentially. Since I’ll be running a poll for my readers soon for my next project, I wanted to confirm that it’s okay to have this novel listed there 😀

        I also would to use your summary, though. I’ll credit you and link back to your site!

        Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sure, go ahead. It’s really nice of you to inform me. Thank you^^ EDIT: I just realised you’re the translator for Villain Days… it’s great to see more translated BL novels coming to light, good job!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi there again! I decided to pick up “I am going to nurture Hero-sama because I don’t want to die.” Thanks for letting me use your summary again.

    I wanted to ask, since your Japanese is obviously better than mine, would shortening the title to “Nurturing the Hero to Avoid Death” take away too much from the literal meaning?

    Thank you for your help ^^


    1. Hey^^ Yay, I’m glad it’s being picked up!! No worries. Feel free to ask any time; I may not be very good at this, but I’ll try my best!

      I think meaning wise that’s perfectly fine, and that’s much easier for the mouth too. The only thing that’s ‘lost’ is how it sounds like the MC is talking to the readers in the title. And what’s probably lost in both translations are the polite speech and how he might come off as slightly reluctant to nurture the hero or is doing it because it can’t be helped. (eh, maybe I’m reading too much into it…)

      Conclusion: I think your title is fine.

      Liked by 1 person

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