Short Stories

You Know Too Much

Nǐ Zhī Dào dé Tài Duō le
You Know Too Much

Comedy, Cultivation, Modern World, BL, Romance, Silly Protagonist


by Bó Mù Bīng Lún. One-shot, completed in country of origin.


In short, a mischievous cultivator goes down the mountain to gain experience, only to return to the mountain as a hipster. He gets ruthlessly disciplined by his martial elder brother as a result…




You Know Too Much


5 thoughts on “You Know Too Much

  1. Hi translator, sorry to bother you. Can I translated this Novel One-Shot “You Know To Much” into Indonesian? If you granted me 🙂 I hope a lot hehe..

    Thank you before and have a Nice Day 🙂


    1. Umm I don’t really have permission from the author so just keep that in mind;; If you want to translate from my English translation, go ahead. Have a nice day too!

      Liked by 1 person

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