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Announcement: Author Revised Escape Galge

Ehhhh, so around the time when I was translating Chapter 7, I found out that… the author actually revised the original Escape Galge Protag here (completed in 2015) into a lengthier version here (completed in 2016).
My first reaction was in between WHY U DO DIS and YAY, MORE KII-CHAN!… also, I didn’t know if I should drop Chapter 7 and start on the revised version (I decided to finish C7 anyway) or ignore the existence of the revised version. So I ended up procrastinating this announcement ;C

… but here it is now!



Information glimpsed as of this post

1. The revised version is mostly the original one + extra details here and there. Highlight the next portion if you’re curious what are some of the additions but beware of spoilers. Notable additions: More interaction with the other capturable characters, a new character(the missing Thursday girl), Aoi’s POV, more interaction with Aoi and Ei-kun, more of Kii’s cuteness.

2. The changes present in the revised version are pretty spread out especially after the intro and before the ending. As such, readers who’ve already read the current series can consider reading the revised series.

3. The chapter titles of the revised edition are literally just ‘Chapter 1’, ‘Chapter 2’, etc. except for the last two chapters.



Thoughts for now and plans for the future

1. Quite happy that some of the additions Hanaka Yui-sensei made has given the story more depth. She also fixed some missing words, odd sentence structures, grammar etc.

2. I’ll be counterchecking the two versions line-by-line to see what has changed so that I can indicate the changed portions for current readers who don’t want to re-read the same thing again.

3. For chapters with no change (if there’s any), I’ll just upload the same thing again so that there’s no skips and it’s easier for readers who click links through sites like NU.



2 thoughts on “Announcement: Author Revised Escape Galge

  1. So it’s like extras right? But the important question is, are there chapters after the main story ending between Kii and Aoi?


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